What Teachers and Principals Say

“"Jennifer's highly interactive improv workshops, that I had the privilege to see at two different schools this year, were both very engaging and powerful. She very creatively massaged students' abilities to improve both their own and others' self concepts. I can unequivocally state her presentation ranks as one of the best I have seen in four decades in this vocation. There are seamless ways that Principals could use portions of these interactive exercises at full staff meetings." ~Respectfully submitted, Bruce R. Foster Interim Principal with OCDSB
“You can absolutely put me down as a contact for a recommendation. There is no question, that the activities students were engaged effected a visible positive change in less than 2 hours. We plan to continue to use the language with students to build trust amongst each other and to nurture/restore a safe and caring learning environment. I have started to secretly post some of your quotes around the school. I will definitely be in contact in the future as I believe the lessons learned in this workshop need to be shared and revisited with our students and possibly even staff. ~ Juliet Robinson Avalon PS
"We are so very grateful that you have come into our lives and the lives of our students. The day after your last session, Briargreen hosted a Girls conference for gr 5 and 6 girls from 2 other schools along with our own. It was so rewarding to watch them put many of the skills they had practiced with you into action. they were overcoming their fears to approach and meet new people, find the "Me Too" factor, and participate fully in all of the activities. They were quoting your sessions many times in the workshops!The common language that we can now use with our juniors to help them continue to develop the growth mindset is so valuable. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your passion and dedication to improving our young people. We will be continuing the work you were able to jump start!” ~ Marieke Bergman Briargreen PS
Thank you for the session and believe me when I say that we all enjoyed your workshop! It helped a lot of my behavioural students cooperate in a fun and educational way. I really enjoyed how you demonstrated to them that we are all humans and that mistakes are natural and that we can fix them and have fun at the same time. Highly recommend this to my fellow teachers.
~Goulbourn MS
"I loved watching you in action today. Your presentation style is unique and engaging. Your message is strong and well-received by students. I know they will remember this experience for a lifetime. Thank you for being a part of our school community.”
~ Laura Frappier Principal Elgint St
"Many thanks for your awesome ideas and the enthusiasm, inspiration and positivity you demonstrated in our school. You are magical with our kids!”
~ Colleen Irvin Principal Huntley Centennial PS
“You have a true gift that reaches today's youth by making them feel included and that they matter in this world. Thank You! “ ~ Trina Legault teacher Glen Cairn PS
~ Trina Legault teacher Glen Cairn PS
“Jennifer delivered an interactive, engaging and motivating session to Westwind students, entitled Improve with Improv. Basing her workshops on Trust, Letting Go of Inhibitions, Listening and Accepting, Jennifer used effective strategies to keep students focused on setting goals and accessing their potential. Self-reflection was an integral message to helping students become aware of their strengths and limitations. Proof of the value of these workshops became clearly evident when one of my students referenced a confidence-boosting strategy learned from the Workshop to deliver his Biography Presentation. ” ~ Barbara McLaughlin Westwind PS
“Thanks so much for an amazing sessions with our students and staff. There have only been positives and much praise from everyone.” ~ Castor Valley ES
“Lots of positive feedback from the kids and teacher alike. I will definitely keep you in mind for next year!“ ~Avalon PS
“YOUR WORKSHOPS WERE FANTASTIC! You're such a dynamic teacher for students AND teachers!”
“The instructions were short followed by great activities where the kids were able to move around. The Improve with Improv workshop was creative and got many of the students out of their shells. I will definitely be able to repeat the activities, continuing the conversation about trust and accepting and especially the key message, ‘Making Your Partners Look and Feel Good’.”
“Loved it! The workshop was interactive, engaging and fast paced. Thank you for coming please come again! The students loved it and were full of smiles.”
“Jennifer clearly defined the workshop objectives, and followed them up with original, interesting activities that were perfectly geared to the target audience. It was a very effective combination of theory and reinforcement activities, of listening and movement. The workshops made me realize that these four areas of focus are the foundation of a healthy, productive community, both for our schools and for society in general; consequently, the value of identifying and practicing the skills are tremendous, for both students and teachers.” ~Theresa Peluso
“I really liked how Jennifer, the instructor was equipped with strategies to capture the student’s attention. I enjoyed her energy and passion for the subject being taught. I personally got tons of ideas for my own drama program. My students left the workshop feeling more relaxed and confident. Very kinesthetic and concrete.”
“As a teacher who instructs youth on the importance of leadership, trust and communication, I can honestly say that the workshop was very helpful, and related directly to the curriculum I have developed within the youth leadership program at GNAG. Jennifer is an inclusive, charismatic facilitator who expertly was able to make the kids feel comfortable and get them to do silly things without being afraid. I was impressed by this. In addition, I liked how Jennifer did a small "teach" or intro before each series of improv activities. It allowed for the youth to make connections and to know WHY they were being asked to do something. I always seek to couple the theoretical with the practical, as I think it is an effective teaching technique, and it is clear that Jennifer has mastered this. The kids walked away from the workshop feeling confident, connected to their peers, and just a little less shy. AWESOME! Jennifer has developed an excellent program. Extremely satisfied with the delivery of the workshop. She made the kids feel at ease, and they were comfortable opening up to her and sharing with the group. Excellent work, and I will definitely contact her again in regards to both future staff training and development workshops, and our summer leadership camp program."~ Program Director of the Glebe Community Center Tim Lamothe
“Jennifer’s techniques used to achieve self-confidence are varied. Her mantra, “Think positive, act kindly, be all you can be, while having fun,” has a way of sticking in your head, helping students who hear it – do it. It rallies their resilience and pads their perseverance. Another of Jennifer’s techniques helps kids rid themselves of their anxieties. Students are told to name their fear, to really look at what is causing them to hesitate and be held back, and then to shake it off. It makes the kids see their fears as conquerable. Jennifer is a master at controlling a group of students - bringing out their creativity and channeling it. “ ~ Pam Steele
“The grade 2 and grade 3 students and teachers at Arklan Community Public School were very lucky to participate in three drama workshops. The drama teacher, Jennifer Laale, of “Be Your Best” is a very dynamic, energetic person who engages the students with her positive energy and enthusiasm. The students had so much fun participating in the games and activities, which Jennifer carefully structures so that the students learn to “trust” and then “let go of their fears.” It was wonderful to see genuine student engagement and full participation! As a teacher, it was very helpful to learn a wide variety of games and activities that can be used in class.” ~Karen Coleman
Here are some principals and teachers who would happily give me a recommendation.

Caroline LaBelle principal at St Mary's Catholic school

Shannon Smith Principal Glen Cairn PS

Robyn Darragh Principal @ Goulbourn MS

JP Beaulieu Teacher Terry Fox PS

Diane Abboud VP at castor Valley ES

Melanie Seabrook Principal Marlborough PS North Gower

Barbara McLaughlin teacher at Westwind
Brian Chiasson former teacher at Westwind
Beatrice Ocquaye teacher at Westwind now VP Jockvale ES

Donna Christie teacher Huntley Centennial

Nora McEwen former principal Bridlewood Community ES

Keri Coulson VP Avalon PS

Heather Mace former principal Mutchmor PS.

Anne Laperriere retired principal Bayview PS.

Rebecca Shields former principal Marlborough PS North Gower

Deborah Tranton-Waghorn

Lea Doxey VP Kemptville PS

Gail Brant-Terry principal Naismith PS

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